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8 Colours that Look Great on Tanned Skin

Hello Beauties!

Its time to move on from Black and give some other colours a chance to make your skin look fabulous. Yes black is the colour that looks good on everyone no matter what skin tone they have. And we all know that black can never be replaced. But still there are some other shades in the colour world that your bronze sunkissed skin can carry off and slay.

1 Autumn 

This shade comes halfway between brown and red colour almost similar to the colour of bricks. This  shade will add some warmth to your skin.

2 Electric blue

There is something about this colour that catches everyone’s eye. The colour is powerful and can be spotted from miles.

3 Magenta Pink

Like Miley Cyrus rightfully once said, ‘Pink isn’t a colour, it’s an attitude.’ This gorgeous shade of pink is always in the lookbooks for every Indian bride. The shade is mesmerising and gives that extra feminine touch.

4 Olive

I am personally in love with this colour. This hue of green will do wonders.

5 Gold

Gold is a colour that is associated with extravagance and riches. It not only gives you some bling but is also great to show off your tan and defined collarbones.

6 Crimson Red

Wear this shade and the eyes will be on you in any room you enter. It makes you look confident and fabulous.

7 Metallic Grey

This shade will make your outfit shine as bright as diamonds and will make you look G.L.A.M.O.U.R.O.U.S

8 Yellow

The right shade of yellow will make your skin look bright and lively.
This should definitely open our vocabulary when it comes to fashion and change our style.


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