How to Get Smooth Underarms

Hello Beauties!

Smooth and flawless underarms are every girls’s dream. Are you someone who owns a lot of sleeveless attire but you stop yourself from wearing them because you are embarrassed of your underarms? You are not the only one sister! Now sporting flawless underarms is not a dream that cannot come true. Here are some easy ways through which you can attain smooth and beautiful underarms so that next time you don’t shy away from wearing that lovely sleeveless outfit.

1 Keep it Hydrated


It is very important to keep your underarms well hydrated. If you are the ones who prefer shaving then it is really important to moisturize your underarm skin with a good moisturizing lotion or oil so that the skin is well prepped. This will help cause less irritation and burning. Follow this daily ritual of applying coconut oil to your underarms and letting it stay overnight. This will keep your underarms healthy, hydrated and will get rid of those sacrs and blemishes.

2 Use a Shaving Cream


Do not shave your underarms without using a shaving cream. No matter how much of a hurry your are in, dry shave is a big NO! Your underarm skin is very sensitive and using water and soap to shave is not advisable. The shaving cream or gel will help and softening the hair thus making it a easy shave with the razor just gliding through your skin. Also use the right shaving cream that will suit your skin so that you don’t end up facing an allergic reaction.

3 Shaving in the Right Direction

After applying your shaving cream the next step is to shave in the right direction. Before shaving, stand in front of a mirror and take some time to observe in which direction is your hair growing. Shave in the direction of your hair growth and not against it as it increases the chances of ingrown hair. If your skin is really sensitive then shaving very close to the grain will cause razor burn. So be careful.

Choosing the Right Razor


The right razor will get rid of all your underarms hair resulting in a smooth shave. Make sure that you change your razor from time to time and do not share your razor. That will be completely unhygienic. Also ensure that your razor is clean before and after every shave.

5 Exfoliate

Just like exfoliating your face is important, in the same way it is important to exfoliate your underarms. Exfoliating helps get rid of dead cells and lets your skin breathe. Use a mild scrub, apply it in a circular motion and make sure that you do not miss an area. This will scrape off the dead skin, and if you do it before a shave, the hair will be lifted from the skin ensuring a closer shave.

By following these tips, getting a smooth and flawless underarm will not be difficult to attain!


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