13 Signs to tell that You are a Social Media Addict

Whether it is a boon or a curse, we cannot deny that social media has consumed majority of our life and time. They have engulfed some souls fully and totally. And an intervention is much needed. And the first step is to accept that you have a problem. Here are a list of things that tell that you are a social media addict. Well I am guilty of most of them and so are you. So together lets list down how we are addicts together in this session of SocialMediaholic Anonymous (yes I just made that up)


1 Lets start with one of the oldest social media platform Facebook, which ruled our life for a long time. If you are someone that documents their whole life and writes paragraphs and paragraphs of text in your Facebook statuses then there is a chance that you have a social media addiction problem.

2 Another addiction sign is that you are still poking people on Facebook. Do people seriously do that till now? But if you do that then Staph!! It was weird and is still weird to just go about poking people on social media.


3 Lets come to Twitter now. I personally have never used twitter much but there are some poor souls who have been injected with the twitter overload. If you tweet about every second of your day and keep on tweeting every other minute then its time for you to rest it out.


4 On the other hand if you use your twitter handle as your personal diary then DO NOT do it. You have then seriously overdosed on Twitter.

5 Now I confess that I am an Instagram addict. If you are like me who checks your Instagram as soon as you get up and if it is the last thing that you see before going to sleep then Hey Sister!! we are both addicts.

6 If you keep on refreshing your feed because you have checked out everything and there is nothing to see and keep on refreshing again and again then YES you have a problem.


7 If you haven’t posted something in more that three days and your fingers start convulsing because you feel that if you don’t post something then people will forget about you then yes you are addicted.

8 You also know that you are an addict when you know that if you swipe right on the likes page of Instagram, you can see what the people who follow have liked and when. And if you keep on tracking their likes and start analyzing them then you are Crazy!!


9 Now lets come to the latest and the most addictive of all – Snapchat. If your snap story exceeds one minute everyday its safe to say that you may have a problem.

10 If you are aware of all the filters that Snapchat offers and you immediately notice if a new one comes up or one disappears again you may have a problem.

giphy (1).gif

11 If you are of of those who keep on checking your every snap story by individually seeing who has watched your story and you exactly know which story did one of your friend skipped then you are an addict.

12 If you run out of snap stories to watch and so to entertain yourself you keep on adding new people on Snapchat then boy you may have a problem.

13 If you are obsessed with the number of likes and followers you get and they matter to you a lot then girl listen to me. That is not important.


14 Lastly if you fingers twitch when you are sitting idle and you want to reach out to your phone and want to check any of the above apps to waste away your time then Hello! You are a social media addict.

Social media is so much fun that you do not even realize how much time you have spent browsing through it.  You just have to use it wisely and not let it take over your life and negatively affect you. I want to know if any of you relate to these signs or am I just the only one? Comment below.


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