Hey Guys!

So in my last post I shared with you’ll all the traveling tips and knowledge that I have learnt along the years. So I thought why not share another piece of traveling information with all of you?! So here I am giving you all the things that you must have in your carry on luggage when going global hopping.

Rose water/face mist: I use “Dabur Rose Water” and I am in love with it! I spray it on my face throughout the day and it keeps me refreshed and the smell is so relaxing.

Scarves when traveling somewhere where the weather is unpredictable is a must. I always pack tons of cute scarves and headbands just in case.

Facial products. Always bring a travel-sized face wash, toner, and moisturizer. Also, shampoo and conditioner. I find myself washing my hair a lot more when I am on vacation due to the weather changes. Therefore, it’s always good to have the products that you know work for you.

Speaking of hair – please bring hairspray! Some of the most popular places people tend to visit during the holidays are near water, aka they are very humid. So, keep some anti-humidity hair spray in your bag and you should be good!

Bug spray!!!!!! Well ,this one is pretty self-explanatory. Always better to be safe than sorry! You can try odomos too.

Battery pack. You never know if there will be outlets when traveling or when you go exploring, so its always helpful to have an external battery around just in case.

Swimsuit: I love going for a swim when I am traveling so I always make sure to pack a swimsuit (or two)


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