Budget Babe: How To Look Rich When On a Budget

Hey Beauties.

I am back with really interesting tips and tricks on how to dress rich and look like a diva even if you are broke and on a budget. Every girl should know these tips as they will help you guys even if you have a sufficient income.

1 Invest in Good Accessories

Instead of spending a lot of money on clothes I would suggest to splurge on really pretty accessories. I have never spent a lot on clothes (because I seriously don’t have that kind of money) and most of my clothes are from Forever 21, Max, H&M and FBB. Investing in good and good quality accessories like bags, shoes etc ideal as they will stay in your closet in a good condition for a long long time. When you splurge on your accessory it makes any outfit look so expensive. A simple white t shirt and blue jeans look can be elevated to look rich just by adding a trendy handbag and nice white shoes. You don’t need to buy designer hand bags, just see to it that the bags are of good quality and the detailing looks expensive.


2 Neutral Colours

When you focus on neutral colours like blacks, beige, grey, whites, navy blue the outfits look polished and cleans and easier to pull off. The look screams expensive and effortless without you trying too hard.


3 Splurge on Good Underwear

Your underwear can make or break your outfit. An ill fitting bra, is not going to make you look flattering at all. Wearing fitting and breathable underwear is not only comfortable but it sculpts and rounds your assets and make you look your best.


4 Flattering Basics

Invest in flattering basics and by basics I mean things that you know you can get a lot of use out of like denims, t shirts,  jackets etc. These are the things that you can mix and match with everyday with a lot of different things and create new looks everyday.


5 Play with Pops of Colour

Lets be real, I am that girl who is wearing black 90% of the time. If I am going to the gym, running errands, or just hanging out with friends I am probably wearing black. But sometimes I just get out of my comfort zone and play with colours. You just throw on a red jacket or coat on your outfit and see for yourself how instantly it makes your outfit look amazing.


6 Monochromatic

Monochromatic looks are really minimalistic and if done right can make your outfit look really expensive. Plus monochromatic looks gives you and elevated frame with your legs looking longer than ever. You can mix and match your clothes available in your closet within the same colour range and it will help you create a lot of great looks.


7 Red Lips

This is the cheapest and easiest thing to do to elevate any outfit that you have in your wardrobe even pyjamas. All you need to do is apply a swipe of red on your lips and you are done. There is just something about a bold red lip that just screams expensive and takes any outfit to another level.


8 Sunglasses

Invest in a pair of good quality sunglasses as it always lends your outfit that “cool” factor, and gives your outfit a certain layer and character. You can be wearing the simplest outfit but just throwing on pair of really cool sunglasses can completely transform it. If you are broke and can afford only one pair then go for a classic style of sunglasses as that style will never fade away.


9 Prints

Prints be it any like polka dots, leopard add that extra bit of something to a look and make it look so much more expensive that it actually is plus it is so freaking accessible you get these printed clothes everywhere.


I really hope you enjoyed these tips and tricks and you are hopefully going to try them. Let me know which of these tricks were your favorite. Until next time.




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