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Club Factory Haul

Hello Beauties!

So I had heard a lot about this Club Factory which apparently sells a lot of stuff at steal throw prices. They have their ads everywhere be it Facebook or Instagram. So I thought of just scrolling through the app and see what’s the fuss all about.

And Oh My God they have so much stuff for prices so cheap that I was totally blown away. From shoes to jewellery to home products to appliances they have everything. So I ordered some stuff to see whether the quality gives justice to the image shown of these products. Though I was skeptical at first as they do not have COD available but I thought let’s give it a shot.

I am so excited to share with you guys all the stuff that I bought from Club Factory.

So let’s start:

1 Gold Coloured Anklet

So I got this for Rs. 75 and let me tell you I was disappointed. It looked the same as they showed in the pictures but the quality was so bad that the anklet broke off as soon as I tried it on.

2 Bohemian Tassel Earrings

I got these lovely looking tassel earrings. They look exactly the same as shown in the pictures and they are so pretty and delicate I loved it. These earrings are priced at Rs. 124. If you find these earrings definitely go for it!

3 Multilayer Necklace

This is my best buy from Club Factory. The quality is great and turquoise colour is so beautiful, it looks very elegant. I recommend this to all of you. This necklace is definitely worth the price of Rs. 340.

4 Another Multilayered Necklace

I got this one for 90 bucks only. It was a steal. The only issue with this necklace was that when this was shipped to me, it was all tangled up. I spent hours trying to untangle the whole thing. And now I have to secure it with safety pins and place it in a huge box so that the necklace doesn’t end up tangled again.

5 Toe Ring

I got a pair of these toe rings priced at Rs. 53 each. It looks very pretty but are super delicate. One of my toe ring broke off but the other one is still in good shape. The only problem is that you cannot wear it daily as the ring irritates and hurts your skin. And you have to be very careful as it can break off any time.

6 Tassel Drop Earrings

Priced at Rs. 112, these earrings are perfect to wear with Indian wear. They look really pretty and are definitely worth it.

7 Tassel Long Earrings

This is my another favourite. These were available in 2 colours i.e black and peach. I got the one in black for Rs. 136 and I totally approve.

8 Fruit Forks

I ordered these fruit pickers as I had been searching for them since a long time and finally found it at Club Factory. They come in a set of five and look really cute when you place it with fruits when people come over to your place. I got these for Rs. 135.

9 Small Storage Box

I got this small storage box to place my charger and earphones. The only con is that only iphone chargers fit in these boxes. They are available in various colours. I got the blue one for 70 rupees.

So this is all the stuff that I got for Club Factory. Some were great, some were satisfactory and some were plain bad. But it’s cheap and I would tell you guys to try Club Factory once. Tell me which products which you guys liked and what products have you ordered. What was your experience with online shopping? Comment down below. Till then



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