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How To Look Fab In Pictures 

No matter how pretty you have dressed up, the thousands selfies that you have clicked but the final result is a major thumbs down! Been there? Chill there are thousands of people who go through this all the time.

It doesn’t matter how much you deny it but it is a Social Media crazed world and not looking your fashionable best is NOT an option. So after stalking a lot of people on Instagram mainly Alia, Gigi, Kylie and my Kween Selena and picking up on their tricks. I unravel some of their secrets to you. Shall we –

1 Liner and Mascara Game On Fleek

Eyes are what captures anyone’s attention first and droopy eyes kill the entire portrait. The solution? Apply a generous coat of mascara before getting your picture clicked.

2 Use a Prop

Props make you look less awkward in pictures as it can relax your posture and add personality to your pictures. The prop can be anything like a bag, jacket, sunglasses or a drink in your hand.

3 Tuck Your Tummy In

Simply twist your torso a little, and turn one shoulder towards the camera. This is how you not only look slimmer, but also strike a celeb-like pose without any effort.

4 Don’t Be Cheesy AF by Saying Cheese

You are going for a stylish look rather than looking adorable. So instead of a wide toothed smile try to show less teeth or go for a close mouthed smile that works wonders.

5 Take Sitting Pictures From Afar 

Not only does this bring out the beautiful background but also makes it seem like you are having a gala time. Just ask the photographer to take your picture from a distance preferably from a higher angle.


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