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Get Jacked: Gym Fashion Do’s and Don’ts

After hogging on ladoos and every possible sweet this Diwali it feels like we are going to wear oversized clothes for a couple of months. 

After gaining countless calories and possibly diabetes it is time to resume that workout and hit the gym harder than ever. Floating the same boat?

As we all know that if you look good you will feel good, I bring to you a curated bunch of do’s and don’ts for your gym wear.

Do: Wear a well fitted and comfortable sports bra so that you can move your body effortlessly and also be able to breathe.

Don’t: Wear clothes that are too loose or too tight as half of your workout time will go in adjusting them.

Do: Just use one layer of top and pant as your workout attire.

Don’t: Donot add layers and layers of clothing while going to the gym. They will only make you sweat more and will restrict your movement.

Do: You can accessorise your outfit with wrist sweatbands, trendy headbands, fitness watch and colourful waterbottles.

Don’t: Wear jewellery as they will only irritate you and makeup is a big no no as you are going to be sweating buckets and it will only ruin your makeup.

Do: Wear stretchable three-fourth pants as it is the most comfortable for doing stretches and squats.

Don’t: Wear really short and loose pants as not only will you be uncomfortable but also will not be able to perform some exercises.

Do: Wear the right shoes. This is very important as not wearing the right shoes may lead to physical problems and injuries.

Don’t: Go to the gym wearing slip ons or converse shoes. They just look sporty trust me.

Do: Tie your hair in a bun or a tight ponytail/braid to keep it out of your face while working out.

Don’t: Leave your hair loose. The stylish gym selfies you see on Instagram are clicked pre- or post-workout. #TrustMe.


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