MakeUp on Fleek at the Beach

It’s October and Diwali is round the corner which means that majority of us Indians are going to hit the beach.

No-makeup makeup is all fun and games until it’s 50 degrees celcius outside and there’s a chance that you will be hitting the beach and someone will push you in the water.

That’s why there are water-proof products (thank god), but there’s the whole other issue of what you can really get away with wearing at the beach, because a full-glitter eyeshadow is probably a no-no unless you’re at a beach party.

Here are some ways on how to get your summertime fine on without looking like a hot mess.

Always and always apply a generous amount of sunscreen all over your body and carry it with you every where if you don’t want your skin to burn and make you look like a oompa loompa.

Using a tinted moisturiser as your only base is recommended, with some blush to add some colour to your cheeks and a coat of mascara. Make sure that the mascara is waterproof so that you avoid your makeup from smearing all over. There are also a lot of matte lip glosses that stay on for a long time which you can apply if you are one of those people who donot feel whole without colouring your lips aka me!! Though red lipsticks are a no no as it doesn’t make sense at the beach.

And always double check your dress to make sure that the material is not sheer in the sun or you might just end up walking all over the place flashing people. 

So what are you waiting for!! Go to the beach, enjoy the sun, get a great tan all while looking great and without the fear of your makeup melting off.



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