To All Those Girls Looking For Their Perfect Man

Hello Beauties,

I’ve heard many descriptions of the ‘perfect man.’ A man who completes you. A man who is willing to protect you with his life. A man who will love you and only you. A man that will always be there for you. 

Well that’s all true but for me a perfect man’s description should go deeper than that because a relationship can be more than kind words. 

The perfect man should know exactly how to make you laugh, not every other girl in the world. He should know the single word that can have you smiling like a fool, what to say to make you blush. He should know where to take you on the perfect date. He should know when it’s the perfect time to kiss you and compliment you – he should know that this time is always.

 He should know that on some days you want a chivalrous man, the one who will offer his coat and umbrella to keep you warm and dry. He should know that other days, you will steal his umbrella and laugh as you splash around in puddles with him, knowing that he will be there to take care of you when you catch a cold. He should know that once you get a hold of his tshirt, he will never see it again.

He should know how to cheer you up when your day has been tough. He should know when to let you cry, when to tell you it’s okay to be upset instead of trying to fix things. He should know that sometimes just being in one another’s company is enough that all you need after a long day is to be in his arms. He shoukd know exactly how to hold you to melt away your fears. He should know how to forgive you after a fight and save his pride for the guys. He should know that you’re not perfect to yourself, or the rest of the world, but that you’re perfect for him.

He should know how to love you!


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