The Time When We Were Eve Teased

Recently, I had gone out with my friends for lunch when some guys tried to be really friendly with us and were stared at us like the creeps they were, we asked the hotel staff to take some action against them. 

When they failed to do so we took the matter in our own hands and when we were giving them a piece of our mind, a middle aged woman comes to us and asks us why were we creating a commotion in a public space! We told her what had happened..aannd she just started yelling at us. 

Her exact words were, “You girls wear close to nothing and roam about drinking and smoking then what else do you expect? Ofcourse this will happen! I don’t think you’ll have mothers who taught you to act and dress decently.” I stood there staring at her. Even if a duck was standing next to her wearing a wedding dress and holding a board reading, “Batak Vadhu”, it would’ve still been less absurd than this woman’s opinion. 

Let me tell you I was wearing a fully covered top and shorts and my friend was wearing a sleeveless top with jeans. Were we wearing anything revealing? No! And even if we were no one has the right to come and touch us inappropriately.

But, what can you do when someone single handedly brings down the IQ of the entire Universe in that one moment? Disagree with her? Sure. Though we couldn’t compete with her excellent rebuttal which involved the repetition of those words which made me wish her kids  didnot get her genes.

We just stood there silently while she finished her rant. All the people that were around sided with us and tried to put some sense into her brain. But she was having none of it.

Tired we just folded our hands in front of her and walked away from her. The total amount of fucks given while we walked out of there became virtually non existent.

With the waves of feminism flowing everywhere around us it is sad to see that there are people that too women who think so lowly about about women and still judge them by the clothes they wear. If a man harasses a woman wearing a salwar kameez then the man is in the wrong, but if a woman is wearing jeans or anything “Western” then she is asking for it. What is the logic?

This makes me wonder about how someone could possess such horrendous thinking? Then I remembered that there are some people who are actually supporting Guru Ram Rahim Singh.


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