5 Reasons To Stop Smoking

Not to sound like a commercial here but every cigarette contains over 70 carcinogens from over 7 thousand chemicals. You can find benzene, methanol, ammonia, arsenic and a lot more chemicals in one cigarette that if I start to name them all, it will take me a lot of pages.

Smokers themselves know that smoking is bad but they just cannot help themselves from lighting that cancer stick and calling it the last one a million times. I am sure that you can do it. Quitting is not that difficult and today I will give you 5 reasons for you to stop smoking. If you don’t want me to help you then I won’t but I want you to know that I just have good intentions.

5 You have a Great Smile

I am sure you have heard that smoking damages your teeth and makes your lips dark. I mean it’s just that a lot of people would kill to have such a nice smile.

4 You want to Celebrate Your Birthday

Your birthday just passed recently or is coming soon. Maybe it’s your birthday today (in that case Happy Birthday) and I am sure you want to celebrate many more to come. Atleast I hope you do!

3 No More Headaches

Nicotine causes the blood vessels in your brain to constrict which can be a large factor to those pounding headaches that you face every now and then. 

2 Raspy Voice

Smoking causes swelling of the vocal cords which prevents them from working properly. This makes one’s voice sounds raspy. If you don’t want a shitty voice don’t think about picking up a cigarette.

1 Love

There is someone who loves you with all their heart. And they would want you to live your life to the fullest and as long aa possible. So stop smoking honey for love.



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