Where is My Kylie LipKit?

My boyfriend ordered the Kylie Jenner Lip kit in the shade Mary Jo for me last month. So it was supposed to be my birthday gift which was like a month ago and the delivery time was around 15-20 days which was quite cool.

But now it has been a whole month and some days and my lipstick has not yet arrived.

I tracked the order and it shows that my lipstick has arrived to India and is stuck in the Delhi Post Office since weeks.

So I emailed the website and cited them my issue. They emailed me back today (a week later) that I need to call the Delhi Post Office give them my tracking code and they will let my parcel go. 

Am I the only one who has to do all this stuff for a lipstick or are there many like me. If any of you’ll have gone through this or is going through the same waiting process as me do let me know!

Until then all I can do is wait and hope that my lipkit arrives soon.



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