Tips On How To Get Long Luscious Locks

I am someone who has always been complimented for my long locks. I have hair that reaches my waist and it’s my best accessory. All my friends constantly keep on asking me how did my grow so quickly and what to do to speeden up the process for long luscious locks. 

Today I am sharing all those tips and tricks that I have personally used and experienced which has made my hair grow faster and kept it healthy. I am no hair expert, I am just sharing what worked for me. All of these tips are tried and tested methods.

1 Oiling

Oiling your hair once a week is very important. Many people skip this step, but oiling is really necessary for your hair. I usually mix coconut, olive and almond oil. If you have oily hair donot apply much on your scalp focus more on the ends. I oil my hair and keep it for an hour or two and then wash it off.

2 Shampoo

Using a correct shampoo is really important. You should know which shampoo suits and works for you. Tresseme works for me. In case you want to splurge on shampoos go for the ones that are sulphur free. 

3 Conditioner

Always always use conditioner and donot skip using it any time you wash your hair. Conditioner is the thing that will make your hair smooth and soft. I suggest to use the conditioner of the same shampoo that you are using for better results.

4 Avoid Trimming

I know it is said that you should trim your hair every two months for your hair to grow and look healthy. It may sound strange but not trimming my hair worked for me and I did end up having long hair after all. What! But it’s against popular belief but who cares till it works right!

5 Hairwash

When Kim K said that she only washes her hair once a week I was the very happy because I could totally relate to it. I wash my hair only once and when it’s super hot maybe twice. Because unwashed hair looks really great. If you feel that your hair and become greasy just put it into a messy bun or a really cute braid and you are good to go.

6 No Dry Shampoo

I have never used dry shampoo ever in my life. The residue of the dry shampoo remains in the hair since it is not washed away. These particles collect on your scalp and end up clogging your roots and thus not allowing your hair to grow.

7 Say No To Heat

There was a time when I used to straighten my hair every two days and though my hair looked great the  constant heat ended up damaging my hair making it all the more dry and more prone to hairfall. I don’t even blowdry my hair, I just let my hair dry naturally letting the air do it’s work.

I hope this was helpful to you guys. If you have any queries let me know. 

Until then,



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