A Letter To My 16 Year Old Self

Dear Shreeya, 

I know it’s tough being a teenager. School’s over and now it’s time to enter the new world of college. New life, new friends it’s going to be great trust me!

I know you’re a mess right now. I know you were bullied, made fun of and that you’re constantly trying to fit in. 

Everything was great, you were a happy kid a year ago. But then you had a fight with your best friend and lost all your old friends along the way. You will start feeling sorry for yourself all the time but I promise there will be a lot of people loving you.

One thing I want to say to you right now is stop trying to be perfect, stop making everyone happy. I know you are a stuttering mess right now and donot raise your hands in class even though you know the answer to the question because you are nervous and scared that you will mess it up. But let me tell you, you will be able to one day stand in front of an audience and speak with utmost confidence.

I know you have been ridiculed for the way you look and you are constantly using all these beauty apps and putting loads of makeup on your face to look as good as all your pretty friends. I know there are people comparing you to your new best friend and telling you how beautiful and fair she is ad how come she became friends with you, but there will soon come a day when you will be appreciated for the way you are by a lot of people. The pimples will go away, your teeth will be fixed and your face will clear up and glow eventually. 

Little me, you’re going through a really rough patch, the coming years will be better but then one day you will meet a douchebag who will make you feel like you are in love. After years of admiring him and crushing on him, you will finally start dating him. But after sometime you will realize that it was not love, he is a jerk who cheated on you and you will survive your first heartbreak. Suddenly, your world will be devastated.
You will date a lot of other guys and you will learn valuable lessons from each of them. Then you will meet the love of your life who will always love you no matter what with the non existent thighgap and bulging love handles. 
You will be at crossroads when it comes to your career but you will finally find your way. Till then just embrace the detours. 

You will still have people around you who will make fun of your weight and you will find yourself crying your eyes out in your bed late at night and no one will know about it.

You will find yourself skipping meals, going on crash diets, starve yourself, smoke to lose weight at the expense for your health and you will find yourself detected with anaemia and then suddenly you will start eating more in anxiousness and gain more pounds.

You are going to find who are your true friends and who are not and let me warn you, there will be only a couple of them who will stay.

You are a good person, who will not treat anyone badly. You hate fighting with people you will treat everyone equally and with respect because you understand the value of being loved unconditionally without any judgements or labels.

Whenever you feel alone, talk to your bf or your best friend because they will understand and are always going to listen to you no matter how much you rant. 

You’ll fall and get up but everything will still be fine because now; you know what you want from your life, well almost! 

Your dreams will become a reality just hold on tight girl!


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