I Refuse To Date Broke Guys, But I Am Not A Gold-Digger!

I appreciate all of my guy friends, no matter who or how they are. But when it comes to dating, I stick to one simple rule that is to make sure that I don’t date broke guys. But does that make me a gold digger?

People often perceive my thinking as being materialistic and shallow. But I am not ashamed to say that I am going to stick by it, because believe me, refusing to date men who aren’t financially stable doesn’t make you materialistic or high maintenance. 

Dating a broke guy is frustrating and tiring. You need to keep on constantly stroking his ego. You need to keep on doing this almost daily and this can turn your relationship toxic from your side. Down the road, being nice isn’t going to be able to pay your bills and take care of your family.

Sadly we are still living in a male dominated society, where a woman’s pay is always going to be lesser when compared to her male counterparts. And after marriage, she has to divide her time between work, her husband, her in laws and kids. So doesn’t it make sense that women aiming to get married should date men who can balance this out by being more financially adept?

Plus guys have their huge male ego, masculinity and what not. If he is not making enough money, eventually making him feel less of a man, and who has to be with him during that time and look after this emotional mess? You!

Whereas on the other hand, if your guy is earning well, taking you out shopping, paying the bills at restaurants and other things like these, will make him feel ‘manly’ so we don’t have to worry.

Because let face it, all of us like it when your guy insists to pay for you when you go out on dates, and the inability to perform basic boyfriend duties like this can put a bitter taste on your relationship. You will have to constantly keep on stroking his ego, till he gets used to being broke and not being able to financially support you, and in the name of love you will do that too. I did that, while pining for my dream guy and who won’t even come, if I continued doing what I was doing. Because beauties, you will settle for him but later will find yourself complaining about your boyfriend. And there is no reason to do so. Just get out of it.

At a certain age, you shouldn’t be messing with guys who are unable to support themselves especially when you are thinking long term. 

Society likes to shame women into settling when it comes to men, but remember: you don’t need to stay in a relationship that isn’t improving your life. When it comes to things like marriage and raising a family, sometimes love just ain’t enough.

Does that make me a Golddigger. Hell No!!


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