The Relation Between Brush and Greasy Hair

So we all know that it’s not good to wash your hair everyday, right?

Infact a lot of celebs and beauty gurus claim to go multiple days without shampooing and washing their hair and it works for them.

Only problem is, some of us with greasy hair can’t seem to go more than two days without using shampoo. But is it because your hair is naturally greasy, or is it something else?

Actually the reason can be your hair brush or how you’re taking care of them. 

There are two reasons why your hairbrush could be creating the grease. First, it could just be that you’re not cleaning your brush enough (which you are supposed to), or you might just have too much hair in your brush that you’re not clearing out.

There are easy fixes to both the problems. 

Take a small tub and fill it up with water and add some drops of shampoo or detergent powder to it. Put your comb inside the tub and let it soak for 10-15 minutes. Then you simply use an old toothbrush to simply scrub off the dirt, deadskin and style products from your hairbrush. You should do this once in every two weeks, and start clearing hair out of your brush every time you use it. 

Do this and you can also aspire to go 5 days without washing your hair like Kim K claims to. 


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