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My Acne Story

I don’t know why but last year my face has been breaking out like that’s its job, and it’s getting paid time and a half for it. I had these pimples clustered together on my right cheek and always had one huge ass pimple smack in the middle of my chin – gross I know.

Every morning when I woke up there was a new one joining the party. I tried EVERYTHING to make my face clear again, started washing it 3-4 times a day, applied all these face packs but nothing happened. These pimples were just not ready to go.

But it wasn’t until I put down the fancy products and went back to using my trusted Himalaya face wash that my acne got under control. 

Then I went to this place called Beauty Shop and the woman there told me to use a product and said that it will clear out my pimples in a jiffy. Excited, I bought the product and applied it the same day before going to sleep and when I woke up the next day there was no change. I applied it again the next day and all hell broke loose. My face started breaking out like crazy and there was nothing I could do to make it better. Well that cream was definitely a waste.

Exasperated, I decided I was going to stop wearing makeup and go back to using the same products I was using before I started having so many skin problems. 

So I pulled out my bottle of Himalaya Acne Face Wash, followed by some rose water and aloevera gel that I bought from some ayurvedic shop which I apply religiously every night before bed. My face instantly felt better after washing it with a traditional face wash. 

I’m happy to report I haven’t gotten a SINGLE pimple except when it’s my time of the month but even that has reduced considerably. 

I have also stopped using BB and CC creams for daily use and only use it on occassions. I am always makeup free now and so far the trade off’s been worth it to me.

Not that I am never going to go back to using all those face oils and creams but for now I am sticking to my boring but beneficial beauty routine. 

That doesn’t mean that you should stop using your fancy face oils, creams and serums, but just know that when your face is freaking out, it pays to go back to the basics and let your skin breathe naturally.

There’s a reason why our grandmothers and mothers always tell us to use all these traditional products because they really work. No wonder they have been industry standard products for years.


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