Tame The Frizz

Waking up with Frizz Every Morning? Well our hair gets frizzy because of inadequate moisture be it due to not brushing the right way, overheating, overstyling or simply because of the weather outside. I was someone who always faced this problem of frizziness but using some simple tricks I could tame it. Take note beauties if you’ve been waking up with really shocking frizzy hair
1 Skip Shampoo Once in a While

You may think that you need to shampoo your hair every 2 days, but that’s not true. Your hair already lacks moisture and shampooing it further will also wash off the natural oils in the hair drying it further. So shampoo twice a week and if you feel like washing your hair more than that then jump straight to conditioner.

2 Defrizz Ponytail with Body Lotion

You have successfully ties your hair in a really nice and stunning ponytail only to realise that the tail ends has turned into a frizzy mess. Well simply squeeze some body lotion on your palms and then run your fingers through the ends of the ponytail to not let your ponytail turn into a ball of frizz. Simple solution!

3 Vaseline for Flyaways

Sometime when styiling your hair there are a few dry flyaways that no matter how much you comb doesn’t sit down. Just take some vaseline and rub it on those flyaways and see the petroleum jelly do its magic.

4 Invest In a Silk Satin Pillow Cover

This is what I have been doing since a year and let me tell you it really works. Cotton sucks all the moisture up from your hair, but silk doesn’t. If your hair is too textured, switch to a satin or silk pillowcover and see the change in your hair texture the next morning. You will be AMAZED!!!



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