MakeUp Bag Essentials

Whether it’s because you woke up late, or you need to polish yourself up during the day or even after the gym! A makeup bag is something every girl carries and today I will be mentioning the basic makeup essentials that is a must have for every girl. The following list is also great for those creating a “starter” set of makeup, which is perfect for beginners or those departing for their first year of college.


1 Compact: So that you don’t look all sweaty.


2 Blush: To give you that natural rosy glow.

images (1)

3 Blush Brush: So that everything is blended making the face look very natural.


4 BB Cream: To give your face that smooth and flawless glow. 


5 Beauty Blender: To blend your all BB cream and makeup giving you that air brushed look.  


6 Wet Tissues: To remove all that smudged makeup after a sweaty travel or after rubbing your eyes too hard because you ended up falling asleep on the metro! 

lakme 9 to 5 creaseless lipsticks

7 Lipstick: Cos give a girl a lipstick and she will conquer the world.


8 Mascara: Because your lashes need some love too and it will make your eyes pop! 


9 Eyeliner: To add drama to your eyes if there is a sudden plan to go out and party!!   


10 Lipbalm: So that your lips are healthy and hydrated.


11 Kajal: Because it is a NECESSITY! 


12 Hand Cream: Because nobody loves dry hands.



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