How To: Not Look Like a HOBO While Wearing Ultra-Ripped Denims


So I have been obsessed with these ultra ripped denims ever since I saw Alia Bhatt rocking it in Dear Zindagi.


The way it looks so effortless yet stylish is what made me so attracted to them. These denims are a little different from those ripped jeans, the only difference being are a few giant holes. However, that alone makes the styling of the latter a whole lot more challenging! So since these jeans are all the rage now, I have put together some ways on how to style these denims without looking like a homeless person. Read on!

1 Minimalism is good


So we have these ultra ripped jeans but the question is what to wear with them. My suggesstion? Go with a simple yet flattering plain white or black tee. You can never go wrong with that. These jeans are going to grab attention girl!! So donot wear an equally attention grabbing top. Lets not confuse people. Downplay it a little.

2 Go Coachella Style with Fishnet


So if you have seen Coachella you know that fishnets are in. Wear your fishnet stockings under these jeans and you are surely gonna grab some eyeballs and look smokin’ hot. Style them with some boots and a graphic tee and you are good to go.

3 Accessorize Nay!!


Unnecessary jewellery, bags, clutches, and printed scarves are only going to make you look confused and messy. Keep your look simple and clutter-free. Too many accessories is going to make you look gaudy. You can put on a plaid cardigan or shrug to add that little extra oomph.

4 Simplicity is the key!


These denims are made to make you look cool and laid back. So don’t bother about looking to dressy.  It will bring out the fun loving fashionista in you. And last but not the least make full use of those sneakers as ultra ripped denims and sneakers are otp.




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