Basic Makeup Brushes (Essentials)

Have you always thought while seeing a makeup tutorial video how many brushes do these beauty bloggers use and wondered which brushes to use for what. Different types of makeup brushes have different uses. These makeup products can get very confusing. You need to have all the right tools ton achieve the look. Here is a guide to the basic makeup brushes and what they are used for.

1 Blender Sponge

blender      beauty3

This brush has an elliptical shape and is used to blend in your foundation, primer, CC and BB creams. The tip of the sponge is used to apply makeup to tricky areas like the edge of your nose or your hairline.

2 Eyelash comb

Contoured-Eyelash-Comb-from-Sephora-Collection-03           images

This comb should be used twice. Firstly to curl your lashes and then again after you are done applying your mascara.

3 Blush brush

download      images (1)

These brushes are really soft and plump to give the right stroke to the apple of your cheeks. Never use this brush to apply anything else like foundation because it will not make it blend making your skin look all patchy.

4 Lip brush

images   images (3)

Lip  brushes help to apply the colour to your lips with precision as compared to applying it directly. Also by using a lip brush you are decreasing the chance of your lipstick getting smudged.

These are the essential brushes that all of us should have. And don’t forget always and I mean always make sure that you keep your makeup brushes clean because HYGIENE but also for a smoother finish.


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