How to Get that Dope Motivation

Eleanor Roosevelt once said ‘ With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.’ That is absolutely true but what you need to face that new day is motivation. Motivation is what we need for the simplest of tasks. Well for me, I need motivation to even get up willingly from bed everyday in the morning. I have read articles and heard people talking about how writing down your goals and then placing it on your door or mirror will give you motivation to achieve it. This does not workout for me. Firstly I am so lazy that writing down these goals are a big task for me which I am never going to do and even if I do write the stuff and paste it on the wall, nothing is going to happen! So I came up with my own ways to get that motivation that I can do everyday and I am going to share that with you.

So here are some ways in which I find my motivation all day everyday:

1 Find your inspiration on social media


When I joined the gym, I needed something to motivate me to get up and go the gym everyday. And I got my inspiration from VJ Bani. I added her on snapchat and I started watching her workout videios and diet videos everyday before going to the gym. She truly inspired me to workout, exercise and eat right and healthy I mean look at her abs *drools*. So find someone on social media and get your daily dose of motivation from them.

2 Watch movies and TV shows


I have always wanted to work for a fashion magazine and become a columnist one day. I have been trying a lot to get a job that will bring me close to that dream but to no avail. So instead of losing hope I watch movies and series that are relatable to me like The Devil Wears Prada, Confessions of a Shopaholic and series like Ugly Betty. This helps me to not lose hope and brings up my spirits.

3 Talk to your Bestfriend


You went for an interview, thought you nailed it, the HR tells you that they will give you a call soon but that call never comes?! Well instead of sitting in a corner and wallowing in self pity call your bestfriend or meet her and talk about how you feel. They will listen to all your ranting, cribbing and whining and then tell you to buck up and not lose hope. Your bestfriend will never let you be down in the dumps and you do need such kind of positivity in life.

4 Do what makes you happy


Sometimes when you lack motivation you become all sad and depressed and that is not good. When you feel down do what makes you happy. I watch Lilly Singh’s videos when I am down. Her story of being a regular girl studying psychology then becoming depressed but then finding happiness from making people happy and then starting a youtube channel and become sooo successful is truly inspiring.

Bob Marley once said – “None but ourselves can free our mind” and to free your mind you need motivation and you need to get it yourself. So these are some of the things that I do to find that motivation that will drive me through life. What are yours? Share it with me and maybe it will help me more. I hope this post helps you all find the M.



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