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How to look Fab on your Date Night

If we have a date we take hours and hours to get ready to look on fleek. There is so much to do and so little time to do it all. We need to make our hair behave, get our nails done, get the perfect winged look, get the shade of lipstick right and ofcourse that perfect dress and shoes to set the mood right. 

Here are 5 tips that will help you look great till the end of your date night

1 Don’t wear a brand new dress 

Yes we all want to look great on our date but you never know how the new outfit is going to behave. The strap might be falling off, the hemline might rise up and you have better things to do than adjusting your dress all the time. Instead wear a relatively new dress that you are familiar with and you know you look good in it.

2 Wear the Right Lingerie

Go for comfortable and sexy instead of just sexy. That lacy underwired pushup bra might make you look and feel sexy but after sometime it’s going to start poking you and will leave you in rashes that you’ll have to tend with after the date. And that’s not a great feeling.

3 Maybe skip those Stilettos

If you are not used to wearing heels then even a little walking might be a problem. Go for those pretty flats, it will do the job just fine. Remember being comfortable  is the key to loom sexy.

4 Wear your usual makeup

This is not the night to test out the new mousse foundation that you have just bought. You don’t know how it will look on you after some time, it may work wonders or make you look like a ghost. Go with what you have tried and tested a number of times that you know will look good on you.

5 Keep the hair simple

This is not the time to try all those beautiful but compliacted hairstyles that you have spent hours watching on Youtube because we all know no one gets it right the first time (try 5 times) Keep it simple with minimal hair products. You can blowdry your hair then either straighten or curl it and wear it down. 

Date night is not the night for you to experiment. Keep it simple and donot overdo it. There is nothing sexier than being classy and comfortable


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