A Guide To Stay Fit For People Who Hate Working Out

Not all of us are focused or serious enough about reaching that fitness goal to spend hours in the gym and sweating it out. Majority of us only want a body which is fit and healthy and there are other ways to do so that does not come at the cost of working out and paying an exorbitant monthly gym fee.

I present to you some simple tips and tricks that will help you stay fit without  having to yield in those boring workouts.

1 Walk Walk Walk


Instead of catching a ride or driving to places that are close to your house, walk it out. This will not only help you in shedding those extra kilos but will also help you saving money. Be consistent with this and make it a habit to walk more. One trick I used to convince my lazy self to walk more is by downloading the game PokemonGo as the game makes you want to walk more because the more you walk the more pokemons you catch and loosing some calories is an added benefit.

2 Ditch the elevator


This is the most effective way to lose weight. Simply use the stairs all the time and ditch the elevator.

3 Hydrate Yourself


Regularly drinking a glass of water after every hour is a must. This will hydrate your skin making it glow and will also help you in staying fit. So always keep a bottle of bottle next to you.

4 Breathe In and Out Whenever Possible


This is the simplest trick which does not need you do do anything but just breathe deeply. Just try to breathe in and breathe out continuously for atleast 5 minutes whenever you get the time. Do it religiously and witness your tummy fat disappearing like magic!

5 Sit with Your Legs Folded


Doesn’t matter if you are sitting on a chair or on the floor, sit with your legs folded and a straight back. This will help you in improving your posture and also keep your weight under control.



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