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Thanksgiving Special- Simple Oreo Cake in 5 Minutes

Thanksgiving is around the corner and if you are like me who wants to make something special and delicious but cannot cook at all then this simple cake recipe using oreos is for you. And who doesn’t live oreos right?

Yum! Yum! Yum!

The ingredients you need for this yummy cake/ brownie are:

  1. 20-22 chocolate Oreo biscuits
  2. A mixer/grinder
  3. Sugar (2 tbsp)
  4. Baking powder (3/4 tsp)
  5. Whole milk (1 cup)
  6. Butter
  7. Flour
  8. A bowl


First crush all the oreos into pieces and put them in a mixer. Grind them well.

Once done put the grinded oreo powder in a bowl and add sugar and baking powder to it. Mix well.

Then add the cup of milk to it and keep on mixing the batter till its thick and consistent.

Then take a cake mould and grease it well with pan and butter. 

Pour the batter into the mould and tap it well.

Lastly put the batter in the microwave and let it bake for 5 minutes.

Optional: Once cooled you can spread whipped cream on the cake or also use chocolates and gems to decorate.

And voila! The yummiest oreo cake is all ready for our hungry faces to devour!!


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