The 7 Deadly Sins For Your Hair

If you want your hair to be healthy and lusciuos then you need to stop doing all the things that you do starting from touching your hair. 

Thou shall not Sin! If you stop doing these things from now

1 Brushing Your Hair all the Time

Yes the brush is your enemy and you don’t even know it. Constant brushing is only going to make your hair weaker. And donot and donot ever brush from the root to the tip. Always start brushing from the middle and then untangling your hair all the way. Otherwise your poor hair is going to break because of your brutal brushing technique.

2 Brushing Wet Hair

Always use your finger to comb your hair when its wet. Since your scalp is still wet and soft from the washing, the hair folliciles are more fragile to break off. And using a comb during this period is a strict no no and yes not even the wide tooth comb.

3 Always tying your hair

Let your hair breathe and relax. The constant pulling and tugging along with tge constraint of a hair band is only going to make your hair weak.

4 Tying your hair when its wet

Why would you want to do that? Doing this is going to make your hair stay wet for a longer time thus making it weak and prone to breaking. Let your hair dry naturally.

5 Washing Your Hair Everyday

This will get rid off all the natural and essential oils seeped into your scalp. This will inturn make your hair dry and dull.

6 Using hot water to wash your Hair

Heat is really bad for the hair texture. Washing your hair with hot water will make your hair really coarse in structure wheras cool water will help in maintaining the texture of your hair as it helps in streanghtening the hair molecules.

7 Not protecting your Hair from the Sun

Again heat is bad. Invest in a good scarf and always wrap it over your head before stepping out in the sun especially during summer.

Treat your hair well and your hair will be fetching compliments in no time


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