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A Haircut Gone Wrong (Not Anymore)

How many times have you gotten your haircut and be very happy with it when its all set but as soon as you reach home you start finding flaws and then regretting the haircut and sit pouting? Well it has happened to me a lot. Getting a good haircut does not only make you look fabulous and amazing but it also makes you feel empowered and helps with your self confidence. But on the other hand if you end up getting a bad haircut you feel just the opposite. *Shiver* And no one wants to end up with bad hair days for weeks ‘God No!!’.  Well I have some tips that will help you to avoid such a disaster. These are the things that you should do while getting a haircut and you will never end up with a haircut that you will regret.

1 Have Practical and Realistic Expectations


So you really like Kylie Jenner and the things that she keeps on doing with her hair and you want your hair to look like hers. Well you should remember that all these celebs have stylists who spend hours and hours using extensions and whatnot on their hair daily. Well we don’t have that luxury so talk to your stylist and get a haircut that can be managed and maintained.

2  Breakup With Your Cellphone for  While


Yes cellphones are an extension of us but its important to keep your phone away for those few minutes when you are getting a haircut. Staring into your phone or yapping away into it means your head will be tilted downwards, which could lead to mistakes while cutting your hair and uneven lengths plus it is rude. So keep your head straight and kill those notifications. Snapchat and Whatsapp can wait!!

3 Talk About Your Preferences


It is always necessary to talk t0 your stylist about what you prefer be it about the length of your hair or whether you want layers or bangs or just something very minimalistic. But don’t be too controlling as they have a much better idea about cuts and styles. Never give your stylist free reign no matter how chill of a person you are or may get stuck with something that you are not happy with. And we don’t want that right?

4 Try Something New

Its boring to have the same style for years no matter how good it looks on you. Don’t be afraid to switch things up and change your style now and then no matter how small the change might be. How else will you explore and know what looks amazing on you?

5 Keep you Lifestyle in Mind


If you are someone with a hectic schedule or someone who cannot dedicate a few minutes to your hair then getting the iconic Rachel Green hairstyle may not be a good idea. Its important to consider your lifestyle before getting a haircut. Whereas, if you always find enough time to style your locks to perfection then definitely go ahead!

6 Give Feedback


You should always let your stylist know whether you love or hate your new hairstyle. Don’t be quiet. They would love your feedback too.


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