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Beauty Lessons to Grow Up With!

  • Hey guys, here are a couple of beauty lessons that are 100% foolproof and will always help you no matter how old you are. These are some lessons that should always stay with you and will always make you look your best.

Keep your face Clean


We all have those days, some more than others (like me) where we are so tired and exhausted that we do not wish to do anything but just throw ourselves on our bed and go to sleep. But we really need to move past that. Sleeping with makeup on and not washing your face after a long day is a no no. This will make your skin dry and gradually along the years your skin will become terrible. All we need is to take 2 minutes of our precious time, wash our face and keep our skin clean and hydrated.

Never leave home without Sunscreen


Sun damage and tanning is something that we all want to avoid. The harsh rays of the sun can affect our skin with premature aging and skin diseases. A sunscreen is something that all of us need. Buy a sunscreen with a good SPF that works with your skin and pledge to always apply it before you leave your house.

Take good care of your hair

Hairdresser Cutting Hair
Hairdresser Cutting Hair

Our hair is something that is really really precious to us. Trimming your hair every six months is mandatory as only then will your hair grow healthily. Plus it also helps us get rid of split ends. To keep your hair at its best you need to be more regular with your visits to the hairstylist.

Find that signature scent


A signature scent serves as a personal scent memory to cherished friends and loved ones. Find that one signature scent that almost is like an indication of your arrival. Try on different fragrances and stick to the one that you can associate with.

Be Gentle


We are generally rough with our face be it with cleansing, moisturizing and especially when removing our makeup. Our face is very sensitive and should be treated as gently as possible. So next time we should try to dab the napkin on our skin gently rather than rubbing it roughly on our face.



Sleep is the most essential lesson of all. All the magic happens to your skin when you are asleep. Get enough sleep so that your skin can rest and breathe. This will make you look fresh and glowing the next day. It really helps if you get at least eight hours of sleep everyday.


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