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Make Up With Monsoon

It’s a dull season, and it keeps getting duller. The monsoon is really a confusing season for our skin. A heavy rain can ruin your perfect makeup day and spoil all your efforts you have put into it. The solution? Here are some killer makeup hacks to go waterproof this season.

Say No to Foundation


Layering your skin with foundation during monsoons will not only give you a horrible caked up face. Ditch your foundation for a lighter base be it a primer or a feather light mousse as it will blend well with your skin and will also last long giving your face a crease free look.

Creamy Blush over Powder Blush


Opt for creamy blush that won’t form creases and disappear in the moisture that your skin soaks from the air. you can use cheek stains too or dab some powder blush on the creamy blush if needed.

Go Matte


Matte lipsticks work beautifully with rains. You can also make it last longer by dabbing some translucent powder over your lipstick to make it stick and you won’t need touch ups as often as before!

Use Waterproof Eyeliner


Use gel based or pencil eyeliner instead of liquid ones as they are water proof and will not get washed off easily from your face making you look like a scary goth! Opt for gel based liners as they last longer and are difficult to rub off and you can totally avoid the panda eyed look. If you’re a fan of cat eyes and wings then a waterproof eyeliner is a must-have for monsoon to keep the style intact.



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