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Beauty Resolutions I Swear To Do


Hey Guys! Since I am the queen of procrastination, I thought I’d put together some beauty related resolutions more kind of goals that I swear to do this year.

1 Clean my makeup products:

Its a pain to get makeup off your makeup brushes and I feel really lazy when it comes to cleaning them. But it has to be done. My aim is to clean these brushes at least once in two weeks as nowadays my brushes look all colourful result of dabbing it in different colours without cleaning it first making it look dirty and like rough bristles.

2 Being aware of the expiration date:

I swear to throw away my beauty products which has long passed the expiration date no matter how dear it is to me. I will also check the expiration dates of all my beauty products this week and start being aware of them from now on.

3 Saying no to weakness and purchasing smartly

I will try to make smart purchases and its about time to ask myself before buying anything, Do I really need this? Its really easy to have some weak moments for me especially when it comes to nail polishes. I see someone wearing a colour that looks interesting or that I do not have, I immediately decide that I really need to have it but now I will really think and then decide whether I should buy it or not.

4 Experimenting with new makeup looks

I spend majority of my day on YouTube watching various beauty and makeup videos. But that’s all I do – WATCH. I think its time to put the watching to action and try out some of those looks and experiment with different makeup combinations. And that includes the dreadful cat eye look that looks so so difficult.

5 Remove my makeup before bed

There are so many times wherein I am so tired that I come home, change, splash water on my face and sleep only to wake up with panda eyes the next day and cursing myself for not removing my makeup before bed. From now on no matter how tired I am I will given 2 minutes off my sleep time to make sure that my makeup stays off my face.

Do you have any beauty related goals?


2 thoughts on “Beauty Resolutions I Swear To Do

  1. great beauty goals!! mine are – be satisfied with less but it has to be good quality, invest in amazing skin care ❤
    instagram: the_ch1ara


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