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My 5 Favorite Summer Lip Colours

As its summer time in India, I thought of writing something about lipsticks and shades. but since I am more a lip gloss girl and not a really big fan of lipsticks I thought why not write about the lip color shades that I love. Nowadays there is no rule bounding us to the classic red or the plain but comfortable brown shade lip color. We can wear any color at any point in the day and night So lets get into it.

1 Warm Coral


Coral is the color that is most synonymous to warmth and summer. A coat of bright coral on your lips and you are good to go.

2 The Perfect Pink


A pink lipstick makes you look playful, feminine and warm. It gives your face a fresh flush. The trick is to choose the correct hue of pink. Nothing brightens up your face like a swipe of pink on your lips.

3 The Classic Red


You can never go wrong with red. Nothing screams glamour more that the statement red lip. And everyone likes the red lip classic thing.

4 Berry

images (1)

The berry shade is a playful color with just a tinge of purple. This color looks good with everything. Just a quick swipe and you are good to go even in the night!!

5 A Soft Peach


This shade is more on the sheerer side. It is not as bold as red or fragile as pink, peach is a lovely color that is somewhere in between. If you like the whole natural look then peach is the color for you. It gives liveliness to your overall look without giving a lot of effort.

So, these were my favorite lip colors for the summer. Do comment and tell me what shades do you like. See you soon 🙂


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