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Petroleum Jelly to the Rescue


Petroleum jelly commonly known as Vaseline is that one product that is available to anyone and everyone at all times. From moisturizing our lips and preventing it from getting chapped, to healing our cuts, petroleum jelly can do it all. But did you know that other than these, Vaseline is a multi talented product and can be used for 5 different things other than the obvious ones.

1: Makeup Removal


Vaseline helps in removing eye makeup be it that stubborn eyeliner and kajal with just a few swipes. Take a cotton ball dip it in Vaseline and use it to remove the eye makeup and it will be off in no time. Just don’t forget to rinse it off with water later to avoid irritation.

2: Softens and protects the cuticle


Since petroleum jelly is a mix of several waxes along with mineral oil it has the ability to soften your cuticles by just apply Vaseline on them and massaging them. It also acts as a manicure cream as it will keep off the nail polish from sticking to the cuticles.

3: Tame those flyaways


All of us has faced this, there is always some stray hair standing in attention making your whole hairstyle look messy. But worry not just apply some vaseline on that hair thus smoothing and taming them.

4: Highlighter


Dab some vaseline on your cheekbones to get a nice radiant sheen which looks pretty good.

5: Long lasting perfume


Apply a little bit of Vaseline on your pulse points to make the perfume last longer thus making you smell good for a long time.



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