Kiss that tan Goodbye!

With the winter coming and the sunlight not leaving your face with its harsh effects now is the best time to detan your tanned skin. I have a super remedy that will help us in de-tanning the tan. Its really easy and needs stuff that we can find in our kitchen.

All we need is some gramflour (1 spoon should be enough), a spoon of milk powder, one small spoon of honey and a spoonful of limejuice.

Take a fresh container and mix all the above stuff together. Apply this pack to your face. you can use your fingers or a synthetic brush. Now take some raw milk in a bowl and apply it to your face once the pack is semi dry. Keep on repeating this thing for 25-30 minutes. That means applying the milk for a total of 5 times in every 5 minutes. Once you apply the milk for the 5th time, start massaging your face. The pack should have a creamy texture by now. Once your face is nicely massaged, leave it on for 2-3 minutes and then wash your face with filtered water. And tadaa immediate results!!!!

Do this routine once a week and you can surely be the one who can walk in the sun.

(P.S – Don’t use face wash or soap for at least 6 hours after doing this routine)


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