You cant see my Dark circles now

Are you one of those with the worst dark circles that no matter how much concealer you put on the ugly dark circles are still visible then this life hack will help you do wonders!! The life hack is a red lipstick. Yes you just read it right..the life hack is a RED LIPSTICK. And the trick is totally legit. The trick is to use the red lipstick as a concealer primer. Use a brush to apply the lipstick under your eyes on your dark circles. But but but don’t put a lot. One stroke is enough. Blend it well with your fingers so that there is no excess lipstick seen. Now apply your concealer over it. BOOM!!! My dark circles have disappeared. MAGIC!!!!

Try this and tell me whether this trick worked for you and helped you or not.Comment, send me your pictures and all that and let me know. (BTW the best way to avoid dark circles from coming up is eat healthy, 8 hours of sleep and lots and lots of water.)


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