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How to wing it the right way

Have you always wanted to get that perfect winged look on your eyelids without having to perfect it a million times.And once done hope that you don’t resemble as a clown?  Well there is a trick to save yourself from hours of perfecting the winged look without applying it again and again because admit it we always feel that the other eye looks better and then we try to perfect this eye too but that perfection never comes our way. The best way to get the perfect winged look is to use a credit card.

Place a credit card or a visiting card on your upper eyelid with the edge of the card a little outside your eyelid with the card slightly tilted upward. Use the edges of the card as a guide to apply the eyeliner.Once you get the wing done complete applying the liner on your eyes starting from the edge and VIOLA!! there is that perfect winged look. Who knew it could be so easy right?!


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