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Color me Red


People think that red is the color for the fair skinned. Brown skinned and dusky girls are very hesitant when it comes to trying out the color red be it clothes,cosmetics or even hair color. But girls it is time to throw that hesitation away and proudly carry the color red.

Even I have a dusky skin and some months back you would never catch me in anything red. I used to think that red makes me look darker than I am and I would look not ugly but certainly not pretty at all. But that all changed. You see i wanted to change my look and everyone knows how a change in hairstyle completely transforms us. So I went to the salon and asked the stylist that I wanted to highlight my hair a little. I had no color in my mind so I asked my hairstylist to recommend one for me. And the color he recommended was….. yes you guessed it right RED. I was like Oh no no no anything but red but my stylist was like trust me it will look great. I hesitantly said yes and I had covered my eyes the whole time praying to god that I don’t look like a clown. When he was done I opened my eyes and BAMM!!! I was looking DAMN good! All my friends complimented me and I thought maybe red can be my color too. Slowly I started buying red colored clothes and then even started experimenting with red nail polishes and lipsticks. Sometimes it was a strike but sometimes it was a complete miss. But I was not worried. I started learning that there is not color that is not meant for everyone like come on colors are not partial to a certain skin tone. Its just that we should have an idea on which shade of that particular color will suit us and we are good to go.

Here I am sharing with you which according to me was the best red nail polish and lipstick that I have personally used and it trusts almost everybody.

1 Max factor – Ruby Tuesday 715

max factor labios colour elixir 715

2 Colorama Cremoso intenso Gabriele

3e461-esmalte_cremoso_intenso_gabriele_colorama (1)

So girls go on and don’t be shy to color yourself Red!!!!!


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